The 10 best NWOBHM guitar solos die-hard fans know.

Top 10 Guitar Solos

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement is a big deal to many of us for various reasons, but one of the undeniable great elements were the guitar solos.

We asked die-hard NWOBHM fans what their favourite solos were. Here are the top 10 results!

10 – Tytan – The Watcher

9 – Trespass – One Of These Days

8 – Iron Maiden – Purgatory

Perhaps unsurprisingly, metal behemoth Iron Maiden make an early entry into this top 10 of guitar solos.

7 – Iron Maiden – Phantom of the Opera

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6 – Tygers of Pan Tang – Gangland

5 – Saxon – Dallas 1 PM

Of course, Saxon had to make an appearance in this list – listen below

4 – Virtue – We Stand to Fight


3 – Iron Maiden – Prowler

Another entry from Iron Maiden was inevitable, wasn’t it?


Bonus Track: Our 80s hit re-recorded, High Treason – Saturday Night Special

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2 – Angel Witch – Angel Witch

Another institution, the much loved Angel witch arrive at number 2!

1 – Diamond Head – Am I Evil

By far the people’s favourite, Am I Evil stands proud above the rest with this stunning solo.


That was quite some list. Didn’t get enough? Read on.


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Do you know them all? The 10 records all real New Wave of British Heavy Metal fans know.

The New Wave of British Heavy Metal was a movement with a huge following. Read on to bring back memories, but maybe not the long hair or leather trousers…

We asked fans to tell us their favourite records, so you can be sure you don’t miss out on any essential NWOBHM listening.

10 – Holocaust – The Nightcomers

9 – Vardis – 100 M.P.H.

8 – Angel Witch – Baphomet

An iconic NWOBHM band,  Angel Witch steal 8th place with their hit Baphomet.

7 – Savage – Loose and Lethal

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6 – Angel Witch – Angel Witch

5 – Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden

4 – Saxon – Denim and Leather

 3 – Diamond Head – Lightning To The Nations

2 – Witchfynde – Give ‘em Hell

Bonus Track: Our 80s Single, High Treason – Saturday Night Special

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1 – Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast

Possibly the biggest NWOBHM album from the biggest NWOBHM band – this huge classic never fails to disappoint! Rock on!


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Everything’s Gonna Change – New Album Out Now!

Blimey, it’s album release day!

Everything’s Gonna Change has officially landed.

It’s a big day for High Treason, we hope you like the new record.





It’s been a long time in the making, but today is the day we finally release the album to the world.

We’ve put a lot of work and thought into this record, and we really feel it’s the best album we could put out there.

From guest musicians such as Elliott Randall of Steely Dan and Ben Mathews of Thunder, to legendary producer Dennis Weinreich and Gavin Monaghan, this album has a bit of magic sprinkled on it for sure.

From beginning to end, each track has had numerous revisions and improvements, and been recorded in the most authentic way possible – without using click tracks, playing live together, and using the warmth of traditional analogue techniques and equipment.

We’ve even decided to release on vinyl, which seems backwards – but we think it presents a great option for sound quality and retains the real experience of owning a record,  a physical product which is often missed in the days of digital downloads and streaming.

Released on 3Ms Music which shares our attitude for traditional processes which capture the spirit of making music, we hope that this album is something all will enjoy and choose to listen to more than once.

Part heavy metal (thanks to our roots in the NWOBHM movement), part hard rock into which our sound has grown and evolved, we think this album has at least a couple of tracks for everybody to enjoy.

Each has its own style and life. Combined, our influences are wide and varied, which hopefully shows in the music.



We of course want to give thanks to everybody who has contributed to the project. Our producers, Dennis and Gavin for their expert guidance and input. Our guests, Ben Mathews who played remarkably on a number of the tracks, and Elliott Randall who really added a special touch.

James Patrick and Joe Murray, each excellent engineers on the album at Smokehouse Studios London and Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton respectively.

Gwyn Matthias for his brilliant mastering skills, George Madden for the sleeve design. Andrew McArthur for his great photography of the band. Richard Allen for his excellent video work, the man behind the majority of our videos. Jon Holt-Thomas for managing our digital world and also creating video and photo content.

Perhaps most importantly, everybody who has supported by purchasing our music, rocked along with us at gigs, shared our stuff online and told their friends and family. It’s a cliche but without that support, we might not have ever produced this album.

It’s been ten years since our previous album, and a lot has changed. We lost our dear friend and original drummer Gary Scarbrow, who we miss dearly – and the band has had some other changes in the lineup too. Thus, the album name is fitting.

We’re so pleased to have the opportunity to create an old school rock album in the truest sense, recorded on tape in a great studio without a plethora of digital trickery techniques.

So without too much waffling, please enjoy the album, and do get in touch and tell us what you think of it.

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